First, I Should Say I’m No Longer A Mormon…

Let’s just say we had a difference of opinion. Catchy name though!

Mostly I’m starting this blog to voice how an average every-day-born-in-the-50’s American see’s things that are happening to our once-great country these days. I guess I should mention that I’m a Conservative Libertarian; that should set off a bunch of folks! And, NO, I’m not one of those “We need to completely do away with the Government” type of Libertarians. But I do think we need less government in our government. And our lives.

I’m also hoping I can get “Like-minded” individuals to give an occasional guest-post. All comments, no matter how stupid, are welcomed. Spammers though…

We’ll go from here…

This blog is just in the starting phase, so don’t expect too much right off. Give me awhile to get the tone & graphics to how I think they should be.


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