From The News… 

Weeks before President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, White House aides were locking down a plan for the sales pitch that would follow during three days of travel focused on his main themes.

The effort to promote Obama’s proposals on jobs, wages and education involved visits to Asheville, N.C., Decatur Ga., and Chicago, participating in a Google+ chat and mobilizing the president’s formidable former campaign apparatus.

One thing it didn’t include? Congress…

Again? Naw, say it ain’t so!

This President has the “habit” of bypassing Congress anytime, and every time, he doesn’t get his way. And YOU let him get away with it! Our Government was set up a specific way for specific reasons; so 1 man couldn’t “rule” the country.

Am I the only person in the US that wishes Obama spent as much time in office getting things accomplished as he does on vacation or out stumping around the country?

Of course, it would help if Congress did their job.


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