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“[I]t is more convenient to prevent the passage of a law, than to declare it void after it has passed.” –James Madison, 1787


Health Care Lines

According to a report by The New York Times, as many as 5 million lines of computer code will need to be rewritten before works as intended (we’d argue that no amount of rewritten code will make the ACA work, but that’s a different discussion). But if 5 million lines of code sounds like a lot (and it is), wait until you hear this: According to one expert familiar with, the site’s source contains approximately 500 million lines of code. To put that in perspective, the entire Linux operating system kernel that powers the majority of the Web’s servers (including’s) contains just under 16 million lines of code, and is the result of 22 years of ongoing development. The space shuttle’s primary flight control system was comprised of 400,000 lines of code. Even Windows XP was built in 45 million lines of code. Once again, we can depend on government (to make things incredibly complicated).

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ObamaCare ‘Success’ Stories

Barack Obama made a big speech in the Rose Garden Monday to calm fears about “glitches” and sell ObamaCare. Again. Flanking him were a dozen people “who’ve either benefited from the Affordable Care Act already, or who are helping their fellow citizens learn about what this law means for them and how they can get covered.” Just three have successfully registered on so far. Obama also referred people to an 800-number for help on the website. If you didn’t get a busy signal, you were directed to … So much for the success stories of ObamaCare.

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It’s Republicans’ Fault

In Monday’s Rose Garden speech, Barack Obama tied the disastrous rollout to Republicans and the government shutdown. “About three weeks ago, the federal government shutdown, and the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance marketplaces opened up across the country,” he said. “Well, we’ve now gotten the government back open for the American people and today I want to talk about how were going to get the marketplaces running at full steam as well.” The implication was that if the government had continued running, the exchanges would’ve been just fine. As usual with Obama, nothing could be further from the truth.

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O’care: 476,000 Apps?

Mark Twain famously wrote, “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.” And The DemoCare propagandists are driving that point home. After refusing to release any data on signups, the administration now claims 476,000 applications. The AP’s Julia Pace writes, “You have to fill out an application first when you get on to this website before you can actually enroll. … This number doesn’t tell us how many people are going to enroll.” As for actual enrollees, Obama spokesman Jay Carney insists, “We’ve said repeatedly that we will release enrollment figures monthly. So I would expect the first figures to come out in mid-November.” Of course, “monthly” would mean November 1, not mid-November. The number of actual enrollees can be determined by an administrator with a few keystrokes. So what is the delay?

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Trust in Gov’t Near Record Low

According to a new study by Pew Research, the number of Americans who trust the federal government — already at dismal numbers — has sunk even further. “Just 19% say that they trust the government in Washington to do what is right just about always or most of the time, down seven points since January,” Pew reports. However, “Majorities have favorable opinions of 12 of 13 agencies tested — with the IRS the lone exception (44% favorable).” As columnist David Harsanyi observes, “It’s likelier that voters view government as having too much power when government is being run by someone else. And that’s our biggest problem.” The result: Distrust may be growing, but so is government ascendancy.

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America’s Finances

FreedomWorks’ Jon Gabriel: “Debt increased under Republican presidents and Democrat presidents. It increased under Democrat congresses and Republican congresses. In war and in peace, in boom times and in busts, after tax hikes and tax cuts, the Potomac filled with red ink. Washington likes to talk about sustainability. Forget sustainable — how is this sane? Yet when a conservative hesitates before raising the debt ceiling, he’s portrayed as a madman. … Math doesn’t care about fairness or good intentions. Spending vastly more than you have isn’t good when done by a Republican or a Democrat. Two plus two doesn’t equal 33.2317 after you factor in a secret ‘Social Justice’ multiplier. And if our current president accumulates debt at the rate of his first four-plus years, the national debt will be $22 trillion by the time [he] leaves office.”

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Muslim Holidays in NYC Schools?

The New York mayoral race has been decidedly less interesting since Anthony Weiner, a.k.a. Carlos Danger’s exit, but a couple of candidates have tried to spice things up. The New York Daily News reports that “leading mayoral candidates Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota have both vowed to add two Muslim holidays to the public school calendar.” De Blasio is a Democrat so it’s no surprise that he supports the move, but Lhota is ostensibly a Republican and should know better. It was, after all, just 12 years ago that the Twin Towers were destroyed by Muslim fanatics.

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Millions of Young Unemployed

“Almost 6 million young people are neither in school nor working, according to a study released Monday,” Politico reports. “That’s almost 15 percent of those aged 16 to 24 who have neither desk nor job, according to The Opportunity Nation coalition, which wrote the report.” Those are the wages of the Obama “recovery.” The saddest thing is that this demographic voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2012, and will almost certainly vote for the Democrat in 2016.

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RSC v Heritage Foundation

There is growing conflict between the most conservative caucus in the House, the Republican Study Committee, and Heritage Foundation, as first reported six weeks ago. Former Senator Jim DeMint, a Tea Party favorite, became President of Heritage Foundation earlier this year after Ed Feulner’s retirement. Heritage used its website and that of its political action arm, Heritage Action, to promote Ted Cruz’s Senate delay on the House CR, which opened the door for the Democrats to force a partial government shutdown and hang Republican conservatives with the blame. Conservative grassroots leaders have registered concerns that Heritage is taking positions which fuel the self-defeating Republican infighting rather than support a unified front against Democrats. Perhaps Heritage Foundation is a temporary place marker for DeMint, on his way to a presidential bid, which we would fully support. However, fomenting the infighting will undermine Heritage’s standing as the finest conservative think tank in the nation.

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Rubio Backs McConnell

Sen. Marco Rubio says that he backs Sen. Mitch McConnell over challenger, Matt Bevin. Rubio says, “I think he’s trying to lead our conference. It’s a diverse conference with a lot of different opinions. That’s a tough job to begin with. And of course, he’s got to represent his own state.” For the record, while we would prefer a stronger and more charismatic leader in both the House and Senate, McConnell has a 100 percent voting record rating from the American Conservative Union — hardly qualifying for the “RINO” tag which has been applied to McConnell by some conservatives who continue to foment the Republican Party infighting.

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