Sure, You’re Not A Loser. But You’re Also Not A Winner.

Columnist Arnold Ahlert: “It’s no accident that everyone gets a trophy nowadays. The same society that tolerates the obfuscation of morality isn’t about to make ‘onerous’ distinctions between talent and ambition, or lack thereof. The resultant protection of oh-so-delicate egos may have seemed like a good idea, but it has seemingly taught millions of Americans that they have a divine right not to be offended. This unprecedented and stratospheric level of hypersensitivity has amplified the divisions among us. … In such a dubious environment, a loss of faith is unavoidable. … Twentieth century history alone is replete with examples of people who lost faith and, as a result, allowed themselves to be exploited by some of the most evil men in history. That’s because a society with little faith in itself can easily conflate competence with charisma, and hope with hogwash. Haven’t we kidded ourselves long enough?”

The Patriot Post – Digest For Monday


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