There Are Almost No “Real” Americans Left.

The Left’s Immigration Insanity
Barack Obama’s open borders scandal continues to fester. Don’t let anyone tell you our borders are secure. The New York Times reports that nearly 300,000 illegal immigrants have crossed the border “in recent months.” Rather than being deported, they have been dispersed throughout the country by the government.
Many Americans, particularly those on the right, are justifiably upset by the Obama Administration’s outrageous refusal to enforce our immigration laws and the chaos it has created. The political left is also angry over immigration. . . but its anger is aimed at Americans of all races who are saying, “We’ve had enough!”
Stunned by last week’s popular uprising against the relocation of illegal immigrants to Murrieta, California, reports indicate that the Obama Administration is preparing to send in hundreds of federal agents in riot gear to break the resistance.
Over the Fourth of July holiday, I watched numerous liberal commentators and political figures express their anger not at the routine violation of our borders and immigration laws. . .
. . . not at the families sending their children alone on a dangerous trek across Central America. . .
. . . not at the pro-amnesty agitators who chanted, “Viva La Raza” and burned the American flag. . .
. . . but at Americans of all races, including blacks and Hispanics, who oppose flooding their communities with people who have clearly violated the law.
It was a stark reminder of how normalcy so infuriates the radical social engineers who control our government and manipulate our culture.
The most normal reaction imaginable to a massive influx of people entering our country, who access welfare and other taxpayer-funded programs, is to say, “Enough!” Overwhelmingly, these are men and women with little-to-no marketable skills, not the high-tech workers the president and the Chamber of Commerce insist we need.
The normal reaction of any nation is to be concerned about its sovereignty, language, culture, national identity and traditions. Yet as Americans express these completely normal views, they are labeled “racists” and “xenophobes.”
Don’t believe me? Just consider this column by a left-wing activist comparing the term “illegal immigrant” to the “N word.”
This anti-democratic assault on free speech is part of the intolerant left’s strategy to silence debate as it demonizes normalcy.
Look at what is happening in our schools. American flag shirts are banned as “provocative.” Patriotism is a normal impulse we should encourage among our youth!
Look at the media’s hysterical reaction to the Tea Party movement, which arose over reasonable concerns about unsustainable deficit spending.
Look at the vitriol now directed at people who say marriage is between a man and a woman.
Now the left insists that if you don’t believe in open borders, you must be a bigot.
The left’s increasing vilification of normalcy is what people are complaining about when they say, “I don’t recognize my country anymore.” Or “Obama is changing America,” something he promised to do.
By the way, a recent survey found that most “solid liberals” are not proud of America. That simple fact goes a long way toward explaining their bizarre political views and their radical efforts to fundamentally transform this nation.
There is a solution: Vote for conservative candidates who will unapologetically defend our commonsense values. That’s why your support for Campaign for Working Families is so important as we draw closer to the critical November elections!

Gary Bauer – End Of Day 2014-07-07

My Opinion: These “Illegal Immigrants” are just that: Illegal. The broke one (or more) of our LAWS just to get into this country. IMHO, send them back to where they came from. If we can afford to put them on buses to spread them around our country, that same bus can make the trip into Mexico just as easily. And probably cheaper. Our “Government” sending in armed troops to enforce an illegal decision is just ludicrous.  Any armed enforcement agency that acts against Americans for upholding the law should be jailed.


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