You Should Be Supporting *Workers!*

Economist Walter E. Williams: “Does an act that’s clearly immoral when done privately become moral when it is done collectively and under the color of law? Put another way, does legality establish morality? For most of our history, Congress did a far better job of limiting its activities to what was both moral and constitutional. As a result, federal spending was only 3 to 5 percent of the gross domestic product from our founding until the 1920s, in contrast with today’s 25 percent. Close to three-quarters of today’s federal spending can be described as Congress taking the earnings of one American to give to another through thousands of handout programs, such as farm subsidies, business bailouts and welfare. … [S]pending is not our basic problem. We’ve become an immoral people demanding that Congress forcibly use one American to serve the purposes of another. Deficits and runaway national debt are merely symptoms of that larger problem.”

Patriot Post – Digest For Wednesday

My Opinion: Our Government gives us no incentive to work and “make something” of ourselves. We’ve made it far too easy for an individual to get money from many Government programs without having to actually produce anything (but kids). And taking my money to give to someone that’s broken into my home (Illegal Immigrants) is just plain stupid. And insulting. Why should I work (produce) when the Government will pay me to stay home? When did “Charity” become mandatory?


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