Go Israel!

The Media’s Anti-Israel Bias
Today’s Washington Post provided more proof that the media deliver the news with an anti-Israel bias. Above the fold, on the front page was this headline: “Israel Hits Gaza Homes,” with the subtitle: “Children And Women Killed.” The headline contained a second, smaller subtitle: “Netanyahu Blames Tactics Of Hamas.”
But the bias is clear: A quick glance of the headlines would lead one to believe that Israel was indiscriminately bombing Palestinian homes, killing women and children.
To reinforce the point, here’s how the article opens: “Israeli aircraft are targeting houses in the Gaza Strip as never before, firing precision-guided missiles into family living rooms.”
In a fair and balanced media, the headline would have been: “Hamas War Crimes Kill Women And Children.” It is illegal under international law to hide rocket launchers near homes, schools, hospitals and mosques. That is what Hamas is doing.
What is not against international law is for the country being attacked to strike back in self-defense. That is what Israel is doing — defending itself against Islamic terrorists sworn to Israel’s destruction.
Finally, Hamas is firing rockets into Israeli communities where there are no military targets. It is targeting civilians, while Israel is doing everything possible to avoid civilian casualties.

Gary Bauer – End Of Day 7/10/14

My Opinion: Go, Israel! You were attacked and have every right (and the responsibility) to react in kind. And, if you take out as many Hamas (Terrorists) as you can, we won’t have to later. Thank you.


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