Give Up Your Religious Convictions Now! Or Else!

The Left’s War On Religion
Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) introduced legislation this week to effectively undo the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Hobby Lobby case. The left is so unhinged in its pro-abortion radicalism that it will stop at nothing to force men and women of faith to pay for abortions. That is exactly the issue at stake here, and it is so important to Senate Democrats that Harry Reid has promised to fast-track the legislation, bypassing the committee process.
Talk about misplaced priorities! Rather than debate border security, Harry Reid is working overtime to make sure people of faith are forced to subsidize abortions.
The left is very good at distorting the Constitution. But there are parts of the Constitution that are as clear as can be. Here’s one: ” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” That sentence is appropriately found in the First Amendment.
While many on the left would like to interpret the First Amendment to mean freedom from religion, that is not what it means. It means you are free to live your life in accordance with your religious beliefs.
In the Hobby Lobby case, Christians were coming forward to say, “My faith teaches that the taking of innocent life is wrong. While we generally think contraception is acceptable, we do not want to be forced to pay for drugs that kill a baby already conceived.”
The left insists that the Hobby Lobby decision allows business owners to force their religious beliefs on women. That’s absurd. Hobby Lobby was not forcing its employees to attend a specific church. The issue of “force” in this case was big government forcing men and women of faith to pay for abortion-inducing drugs.
And, yes, the Obama Administration actually tried to argue before the Supreme Court that it had the authority to force Christians to pay for abortions. Thankfully, the Supreme Court rejected that radical position when it found that Obamacare’s abortion mandate violated the First Amendment.
But Senate Democrats evidently believe that abortion trumps religious liberty. Forty-two of them are co-sponsoring this outrageous legislation.
Obamacare and Senator Murray’s legislation is a sad reflection of just how far one of the major parties has gone in signaling its hostility toward the fundamental rights guaranteed in the First Amendment of our Constitution.

Gary Bauer – End Of Day 7/11/14

My Opinion: I still don’t see why our Government is involved in what is essentially a personal affair. If you don’t want to support abortions, then don’t. The Government should not be able to force you to. You Fem-Nazi’s have other choices. Nothing has been taken away from you. You can always go buy your own abortion causing drugs out of your pocket. What the Hell is so hard to understand about that?

The Fem-Nazi argument is only one example of how the American Culture has changed to the “Gimmie” Culture. In plain words that you can maybe understand: Pay For Your Own Fucking or do without. I’m not paying for it if at all possible. Your contraception/abortion is not my responsibility.

And I’m so ashamed Patty Murray represents this State. Or any State. But, having met the average Washingtonian, I can fully understand why she would.


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