Oh, How The Mighty Mouths Rule!

FRC’s Tony Perkins: “When pollsters asked people to guess how many Americans were homosexual, most said 25%. Turns out, they were about 22% off. According to the Centers for Disease Control’s first comprehensive report on the subject, the number of people who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual is actually less than three percent. … While judges strike down marriage laws approved by millions of voters and businesses consider sweeping policies to accommodate this tiny fringe, the reality is that the only thing big about this demographic is its political influence. … As we know too well, the LGBT community may make up three percent — but it continues to get nearly 100% of the President’s attention. If only Christians realized what liberals already do: that when it comes to transforming the culture, it’s not the quantity of those engaged, but rather the quality of the commitment that counts.”

Patriot Post – Digest For Wednesday

My Opinion: I’ve been trying to tell folks for the past few years that “The loudest mouths will overcome all who oppose them.” But nobody listens. Just think of the things that could be done if “Normal” (not necessarily Christian) folks raised a ruckus as the LGBT community has done. If we all got together and said “No. We do not accept nor condone this.” then maybe… Personally, I could care less if you’re Queer; just keep it to yourself. Don’t force your outlook on the rest of us (which you are doing).


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