Why Aren’t We Sending Troops To Help Israel?

Hamas Tunnel Horror
With each passing day, Israel is discovering how close Hamas came to striking a terrible and deadly blow. As many as 40 complex, fortified tunnels have been discovered by the Israeli Defense Forces leading from Gaza into Israel. The tunnels, in many cases, extend right into the middle of Israeli communities.
Credible sources in Israel are reporting that Hamas was planning a major attack on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, which falls on September 24th this year. Hundreds of Hamas commandos, dressed in IDF uniforms, would have emerged in the middle of the night in dozens of Israeli communities. The chaos and death toll would have been catastrophic.
As the reality of this potential catastrophe sunk in, Israelis have united as never before. They are in no mood to be told by the U.N., “Euroweenies” or the Obama Administration that there must be a ceasefire.

Gary Bauer – Special Post

My Opinion: Why can’t we help the Good Guys for a change? Aren’t we allies with Israel? Aren’t we supposed to support and defend them in times of need? And Obama (Traitor) sending Kerry (Another Traitor) to negotiate a “Peace” was like sending a midget to piss on a forest fire. Except the midget would have been more effective.

Go Israel! Kill all the Hamas you can then go for their supporters. Make becoming a “Terrorist” 100% fatal and eventually no one will choose that path. Then take Obama to World Court for War Crimes.


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