A Great War Is Still Coming For America.

Israel’s Right To Exist
Israel is not fighting the equivalent of our wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. Other than on 9/11, the US population has not faced large-scale, daily attacks by jihadists on our homeland. Israel is facing that. Daily for weeks 70% of the Israeli people have run into bomb shelters because of Hamas rocket attacks. Imagine Al Qaeda firing rockets into the U.S. from Mexico and Canada requiring 70% of us, more than 200 million people, to run into shelters. Imagine if our military discovered miles of tunnels reaching deep into our country packed with weapons and explosives, and if jihadists were using those tunnels to launch surprise attacks on US border neighborhoods. While the US would try to avoid civilian casualties, we would not let anyone stop us from doing what had to be done to restore normal lives for our citizens. How dare we insist that Israel follow a set of rules that we would not adhere to if our very existence were in jeopardy.
Israel is facing an existential threat, meaning a threat to its very existence. Many at the UN who are pointing their fingers at Israel would not shed a single tear if its enemies overwhelmed it and carried out a second Holocaust.
The west must stand with Israel today or risk facing the growing Jihadists forces alone tomorrow.

Gary Bauer – Special Israel Alert 8/6/14

My Opinion: I’ve been saying all along that there is NO way WE (well, we real Americans) would sit still and let another country throw missiles at us without us retaliating, so why should be be against Israel doing the same?

And then I step back an look at the situation at our Southern Border, and can totally understand why the Libtards are spouting their stupidity to the world. If we cannot even enforce our own Borders to protect our way of life, our very lives, then how in the world can they encourage another country to enforce theirs? That they are completely wrong about both situations need not be said. But I’m saying it anyway.


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