And That War Has Started!

Barbarians March, Christians Die, Obama Talks
Just a few days ago the “world community” from the U.N. to the White House were in spasms of righteous indignation about Gaza. More specifically they were indignant about civilians dying in Israeli airstrikes and not so indignant about Hamas’s use of the civilian population as human shields.
Today the United Nations, exhausted by writing voluminous condemnations of Israel, can barely muster the strength to do much of anything about the actual genocide taking place at the hands of the jihadists of ISIS against Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq. The Security Council said they felt “deep outrage” about the events. ISIS is not impressed.
The ISIS jihadists have in their ranks hundreds of American, British and other European “soldiers.” All of these men can and will use their U.S. and European passports to eventually bring their jihad here. For weeks they have been rolling over all resistance, leaving a trail of suffering. Christians have been told to leave, convert to Islam or die. CNN reported this morning that as many as 300,000 Christians are fleeing for safety. Children are being beheaded and their mothers raped.
All this is happening in Nineveh, where ISIS recently blew up the tomb of Jonah. That was an attack on the Christian and Jewish history of the region. Now the jihadists are attempting to wipe out every last Christian along with other religious minorities, including the Yezidis. Thousands of people of both faiths are trapped on a mountain top, fearing slaughter while they die slowly of hunger and thirst.
Obama announced last night that we would do an air drop of water, and ready-to-eat meals. (Low-fat, I assume.) In addition, we will do targeted air strikes on ISIS forces. An ISIS spokesman said this morning, “We will humiliate them everywhere, Allah willing, and we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House.” Given the weak knees of the current occupant of the Oval office, the boast can’t be so easily ignored.
Just hours ago the Pentagon announced that the United States, the greatest military power in the world (even after six and a half years of Obama) has just dropped two 500-pound bombs on ISIS positions. Well that should take care of that. The golf course calls. Where’s the next fundraiser!
Much more must be done. The most obvious step to take immediately is to provide weapons to Kurdish forces in the region. They have been our loyal friends, and they have been valiantly fighting ISIS and protecting Christians. Sadly they are now outgunned and predictably Obama refuses to send them weapons. He “disses” friends and rewards our enemies.
Earlier this year Obama claimed that al Qaeda had been destroyed and that the terrorist groups still left were the equivalent of the junior varsity. As he put it, “…if a JV team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” Well just because you win an election doesn’t make you the leader of the free world either. Right now the “junior varsity” of ISIS is not trying to hit a 3-pointer. They are attempting genocide while our president looks like the junior varsity.
As the U.S. retreats or, if you prefer, “leads from behind,” the world is predictably becoming a killing field of the innocent. The stench of weakness coming from the Oval Office has reached the flared nostrils of savages who worship death. From the Kremlin to Pyongyang, strong men are taking the measure of the new America, transformed by the Obama cabal, and they are preparing to feast on you and yours.
The horror we are seeing will quicken. It is the answer of the real world to the make believe foreign policy of Obama on the left and to the voices in our own ranks who are tired of America’s involvement in the world. Sadly we are learning the hard way that we may be done with the world but the world is not done with us.

Gary Bauer – End Of Day Special

My Opinion: I am so ashamed of our “Leaders” and our Country in general. Once upon a time our Country would support and defend the principles of Freedom (especially Religious Freedom) throughout the world. Now we have Obama and Libtards in general that are only interested in what they can get for free from the government. Only interested in forcing everyone else to live by their skewed outlook on life. By their morals and complete lack of belief in any higher form of ideals.

It is time for Christians to rise and fight for their beliefs, or they will cease to exist throughout the world. Even in America. I don’t want war; but I also don’t want to be forced to change to a “religion” or be killed. I’d rather take some of those SOB’s along with me before I go.

And we need to wage real WAR. Not what we’ve been doing the past 15 years or so. I mean carpet bomb suspected enemy areas. Kill outright before being killed. Win at any cost War. Accept only complete surrender or prosecute to extinction War.

But the “New” Americans will do nothing until War is knocking on our door, landing on our beaches. And maybe not even then. Look what’s happening on our Southern Border.



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