He *Meant* You Can Keep Your Obamacare Plan!

ObamaCare’s Looming Election Surprises

ObamaCare may yet hold more bad news for Democrats already dreading this November’s election. Politico reports, “Most state health insurance rates for 2015 are scheduled to be approved by early fall, and most are likely to rise, timing that couldn’t be worse for Democrats already on defense in the midterms.” How high could rates go? Politico says, “So far, although no state has finalized its rate, 21 have posted bids for 2015. Average preliminary premiums went up in all 21, though only a few by double digits.” Whew, “only a few.” The other “surprise” for Democrats could be falling enrollment numbers. The White House trumpeted eight million sign-ups by the March 31 deadline, but those numbers are likely phony. Investor’s Business Daily reports, “The nation’s third-largest health insurer [Aetna] had 720,000 people sign up for exchange coverage as of May 20. … At the end of June, it had fewer than 600,000 paying customers. Aetna expects that to fall to ‘just over 500,000’ by the end of the year.” That’s a 30% drop in enrollment. Granted, it’s just one company, but if it ends up being a trend, it’s really going to cut into ObamaCare’s already underwhelming numbers.

Patriot Post – Digest For Wednesday

My Opinion: I’m just hoping that everyone will recognize Democrats efforts to distance themselves from Obama for the next couple of election cycles. Almost every one of them will say “Oh, I didn’t really want Obamacare.” (Yet every Democrat voted for it.)  Almost every Democrat will claim that they felt differently about <whatever> but just went along with the crowd so as not to make waves or appear to have dissention among the ranks. Almost every “excuse” will be a form of “He made me!” Look at Clinton lately. She’s trying to seem really human & conservative. And she will until she becomes the President. Then it’ll be more of the same that you’ve heard from her before she ran for President. But worse because she really is a “mental case.”

But I really believe that there are people stupid enough to vote her in to the office. (Indeed, stupid enough to vote any Democrat back into office.) I really do. Probably those same people that voted Obama in twice. Dipshidiots.


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