Hey, Govt/Congress/Politicians: Ya Think?

Frustration And Immigration Top Voter Concerns
Yesterday Gallup released a poll finding that “dissatisfaction with government/Congress/politicians” topped the list of voters’ most pressing concerns. Number two on that list was “immigration/illegal aliens.” Those two issues can be reasonably combined.
The government is supposed to protect our borders. But when thousands of men, women and children are streaming across our borders every day, the government is clearly failing in its primary obligation to protect its borders and our fellow citizens.
And what is the response from Washington? We have a president who has repeatedly disregarded the law. He has encouraged the problem of illegal immigration by granting amnesty to some illegal immigrants.
The Washington Times reports that the Obama Administration broke the law by releasing hundreds of criminal illegal immigrants into communities all over the country. No wonder people are frustrated with government!
By the way, the Obama Administration is warning more than 300,000 Obamacare enrollees that they may lose coverage if they can’t provide proof of citizenship. Remind me again why it is illegal and bigoted to ask people to provide proof of citizenship when they vote?
Any day now Obama is expected to order another massive amnesty by executive decree. That is not what the American people want. Last week, CBS News reported that just 31% of Americans approve of Obama’s handling of immigration.
As Republicans read the polls and sense the growing anger, they are running ads on immigration and making Obama’s allies feel the heat. Politico reports today that “there’s palpable fear that Obama could cause trouble for the Senate’s most vulnerable Democrats if he decides to circumvent Congress before the elections.”
If Republicans are looking to turn up the heat, a new Rasmussen poll finds that “83% of Americans believe English should be the official language of the United States. Only 10% disagree.” Put that up for a vote in Congress and watch Democrats squirm!
But far more important than just this election is the damage such a move would do to our constitutional republic. Even some liberals are acknowledging that it would be a terrible precedent. In a column entitled, “Obama’s Immigration Plan Should Scare Liberals, Too,” Jonathan Chait writes:

“What if a Republican president announced that he would stop enforcing the payment of estate taxes? Or suspend enforcement of regulations on industrial pollution? …
“To think that the cycle [of unilateralism] will end here, and that a future president won’t claim more expansive and disturbing powers to selectively enforce the law, requires an optimism not borne out by history. In the short run, we will rejoice… In the long run, we may look back on it with regret.”

Gary Bauer – End Of Day 7/14/14

My Opinion: I’m pretty fed up with Politicians, Congress, and our Government in general. If Obama does bypass the (lazy incompetent good-for-nothing) Congress and issue that massive amnesty for Illegal Aliens, we all ought to get into the streets in protest. If enough people refused to follow the “imperial decree” and tell Obama and Congress to stuff it then maybe something will get done. I mean, just how many of us can they arrest before someone “higher up” notices or they run out of room to keep us? But we need at least 100 million people to take (PEACEFULLY!) to the streets in protest.

But nothing will be done by what passes as your average American now-a-days. Obama has already broken the law several times, Congress has wasted our taxes and accomplished nothing for the American People, and most of our Politicians are corrupt. Americans, now, are merely sheep to be lead to the (taxation/PC) slaughter. I’m surprised we don’t already have “re-education camps””.”


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