We’re From The EPA And We’re Here To Help. Scary.

Winter Is Coming as Grid Struggles to Produce Energy

The Obama administration is busy trying to save us all from the day when the ice melts — wasn’t that supposed to already happen? — causing polar bears to swim off to find a new home and people to stop vacationing in the Caribbean because all the islands will be underwater. But the administration forgets the warning from everyone’s favorite geo-political gore-fest, “Game of Thrones” — winter is coming. The EPA’s crusade on every reliable way to produce energy could make a cold winter much harder for the nation if it strains the nation’s electrical grid to the point of failure. The grid was already near capacity, and now the EPA’s plan to cut carbon emissions from coal power plants could raise the stakes. As CEO of American Electric Power Nicholas Akins told Congress about the nations electrical output last winter, “This country did not just dodge a bullet — we dodged a cannon ball.” If the heat doesn’t work as snow begins to fly, we’re sure the elderly will understand it is to fight global warming. More…

Patriot Post – Digest For Tuesday

My Opinion: Maybe this Winter when we’re all freezing because we either can’t afford electricity, or just plain can’t get it, we’ll finally step back and question how an organization that is NOT voted into a position of authority can control so much of our lives. The EPA seems bent on regulating us back to the Stone Age. I know you’d rather play the “blame game” and just sit around and bitch about it costing $100 to charge your iPod, but you really need to stop and take a look at what this “regulatory” entity is doing to America.

But, I still think that our Government should make household Solar Units mandatory and affordable. And by affordable, I mean that the Government should pay for them, of course. (NOT!) Still, if we disbanded/defunded the EPA the money we save in their administration and regulations could buy a nice Solar Unit for each house in the U.S.  We really need to invest in fuel cell technology though. But that’s just my opinion.

Columnist Jim Geraghty: “Examining the coverage of last night’s continuing violence in Ferguson, Missouri: ‘In front of McDonald’s, a tactical unit removed a driver from his car at gunpoint. Some protesters tipped over portable toilets and dragged them into the streets.’ Who tips over a portable toilet as a form of protest? That’s not a protest; that’s a tantrum. You can’t claim that you’re expressing your anger on behalf of your community when your actions spill feces into the street of the community.”

Patriot Post – Digest For Tuesday

My Opinion: I just wanted to mention how “funny” it is that people protesting for social change always seem to go for the material things. Yep, stealing that television sure makes me feel better about your race and conditions. Trashing a hard working merchants store really makes me feel for you and yours. I’m not sure I really, truly, understand your plight so why don’t you steal several cases of beer and maybe I’ll have an “ah ha” moment. Dipshidiots. Hey, are y’all gonna give all the shit back and say “Sorry” when it turns out that cop was right to shoot? Doubt it.


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