From The “News.”

Picking on Fox News (and others) today:

Missouri Cop Was Badly Beaten Before Shooting Michael Brown, Says Source: Ok. So, why does Michael Brown have a name but Darren Wilson is the “Missouri Cop?” Is it because “Missouri Cop” sounds more dramatic? Makes the Officer seem “wrong” somehow even though he was the one beaten.

Bodies Of Three Climbers Recovered From Mount Rainier: Yep. Happens every year. Sometimes a couple of times a year. When are the anti-gun (nuts!) going to look around and notice that Mountains Kill and we should take away everyone’s mountains? I mean, Hell, if you’re willing to take away ONE something that kills you should be ready to take EVERY something that kills away from folks. Right?

GAO: Pentagon broke federal law in swapping Taliban prisoners for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl: Swapping anything for this Traitor should have been unconstitutional and, thereby, Illegal. Oh, wait, the President said it was okay so that makes it okay.

Is your info safe? Data breach at UPS Stores affects Washington, 23 other states: Get used to it. If you do anything online, or do anything on a computer connected to a Network really, one day your data will be stolen. Accept it and change your password habits.

Life-sized Obama statue stolen from porch, later found with empty bottles of alcohol and cigarette: Damned College Kids! You were supposed to do this to the real Obama! (Wait. Is there a real Obama? I’m thinking the one we got can’t be the real Obama. Nobody can be that stupid/egotistical in real life.)

Thousands of alien sea creatures washing up on beaches in Washington, Oregon & California (PHOTOS): That’s no way to talk about Japanese Tourists! (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

Tacoma man shot in chest, police say: My first question is: Why was he in a chest in the first place? Second question: Just how big was this chest for a man to fit in it?

Obama ‘third term’ label concerns Hillary Clinton camp, thrills GOP opponents: It’s true! If you like Obama you’ll Love Hillary. She’s trying so hard to distance herself from Obama after spending her life fully supporting him. She’s exactly like every other Democrat running for office; but worse.

FCC chief: Federal law and policy preempts state law in ‘appropriate circumstances’: Well, yeah. Especially when the Federal Government wants to control the Internet here in the US of A. And those ‘appropriate circumstances” will be whatever the Federal Government wants them to be. Especially with the Ruling Class Politicians we have in office now. If you control information, you control the masses. Look at Russia and China. And think: Control of the Internet will eventually mean every transaction will be taxed.

Governor Perry still looks strong: I’d still vote for this man, even if he was in prison, way before voting for Hillary. Just love how the Dems trumpeted up these charges though. It would take a Drunken Democrat, who should have immediately resigned from her office after being convicted of a crime, to bring charges so she could maintain her position of authority. But it figures that a Democrat Head of the Public Integrity Unit would have no integrity. Go figure!

Drunk teacher wins unemployment benefits; gets to keep license: Cause everybody knows you don’t fuck with the Teacher’s Union (or Teachers). The Teacher’s Union would make a Teamster (or Government Employee) cry in envy when it comes to getting rid of a crappy teacher. (And a Teacher that shows up drunk is a crappy teacher.)

Sorry, folks. There’s just too much to cover out there. More next time.


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