Trial? We Don’t Need No Stinking Trial

Missouri Dem predicts new wave of Ferguson unrest if no conviction in officer’s case:

Aside from probably being right that there will be repeated rioting, there is so much wrong with this headline, and this Missouri Democrat.

What Maria Chappelle-Nadal, a state senator in Missouri, is telling America is “Fuck the facts. We need to convict this guy, innocent or not, in order to avoid more riots in Ferguson.”

Which says a lot about the Socialist Senator and the People of Ferguson.

“There’s several people out there including the protesters that I’ve been with this morning who seem to feel as though there won’t be a conviction,” she told Fox News. “If that happens, we’re going to have exactly what you saw two weeks ago, with a lot of tear gas going all over the place.”

So we should ignore the facts for “several people?” Well, in a Country that ignores 313 million people to accommodate the 3% that identify as LGBT, I can understand the power “several” people can wield.

But it’s still wrong.

The only question remaining, for me, is: Why is a Senator, a Lawmaker, out with the rioters raising Hell? Aren’t Senator’s supposed to be upholding the Law?


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