Illegal Aliens 1 – America 0. Again.

Watch Obama’s Phone for Immigration Move

Barack Obama gave Congress until the end of summer to act on immigration reform. It’s now the end of August and he has returned from vacation. The Hill reports the president has one week in Washington before he departs on an overseas trip to Estonia and Wales. Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL), who represents Obama’s hometown of Chicago, said he is expecting Obama to move soon on immigration. “We have to get prepared as a city and prepare a model for the nation,” Gutiérrez said. “Because when five million people are allowed the opportunity to come out from under the shadows and into the light of day and get legalized, it’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of capacity of our community.” Obama will meet with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus soon, though it might not happen until Congress returns from recess. After all, for a massive move affecting five million people, Obama will need more than his pen. More…

Patriot Post – Digest For Tuesday

My Opinion: This Illegal Executive Action affects way more than 5 million people. It affects all of us. All 313+ Million Legal Citizens of America. Sure, 5 million compared to 313 million doesn’t seem like a lot; but that’s 5 million Lawbreakers made legal with no consequences to them. No proving they’re dedicated enough to become American citizens.

It’s like giving your kid the keys to your truck with no training. And another way for Obama to make things difficult for America before skipping out of the Country to evade any protests this would (hopefully) cause. (Unfortunately, in a country of 14 second “sound bytes” and the collective memory of a gnat, the uproar may well be over before he gets back.)

If I were a Naturalized Citizen (hope that’s the term I’m looking for) I’d be pissed that I put in all that hard work and dedication to become a Citizen to later have it nullified by Executive action.

Man, just think what we could accomplish if only 10% of the 313+ Million got together and marched on Washington D.C! Or if ALL Veterans picketed the White House. If real Americans got together and protested (peacefully!) the Boy King’s actions.


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