I Really Want To Go “Off Grid.”

Energy Prices on a Sharp Increase — and Winter Is Coming

Under the Obama administration, energy prices have steadily risen thanks to the war on coal and an expanding regulatory state. This year has been no different. In fact, consumer costs are increasing at the fastest rate since Obama took office. The Washington Examiner reports, “Electricity prices for the first half of the year increased the most in a year-over-year basis since 2009, according to the Energy Department’s statistics arm.” Nationally, the index rose by 3.2%, but “New England led much of the spike, as prices there jumped 11.8 percent,” the Examiner notes. “The region faced a brutal winter, leading to a natural gas supply crunch that caused prices to soar.” And that’s a huge concern. Meteorologist Joe D’Aleo writes, “Last winter, residents of many parts of the North paid as much for electricity as in all of 2012. Some power plants came within two days of running out of oil in New England [emphasis added].” D’Aleo’s company, WeatherBell Analytics, believes this coming winter could rival — perhaps dwarf? — last season’s cold. New EPA regulations coming down the pipe only add to the concern of a possible energy crisis in the making — all thanks to eco-alarmists’ obsession with “global warming.” More…

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Patriot Post – Digest For Wednesday

My Opinion: I still don’t understand how “Global Warming” is creating some of the coldest winters we’ve experienced in years. But I do understand that this Administration and the EPA is going to make it really expensive to heat our homes when we need to. You think the EPA has too much control over your life now? Just wait a couple of years. Do you like an agency you didn’t vote for having that much control over your life? You must because I don’t see anyone out in the streets protesting the EPA take over of America.

In a lot of other Country’s an agency trying to do this crap would be drug into the streets and shot. Hmmm…

So, America, when you’re paying $1000/mo to heat/cool your home, $10/gal for fuel to run your vehicle, and you can’t do anything on your property without contacting the EPA for “approval,” will that be enough for you to protest and actually DO something about this? (Oh, wait. Let’s raise everyone’s pay! That’ll cover it!)

One last question for you: How in the world can most everyone complain about laws passed that infringe your constitutional rights, but not complain about regulations that do the same? (Oh, wait. No one seems to be complaining about the laws that do limit your Constitutional Rights. Nevermind.)


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