Every Time You Exhale You Release CO2.

Mother Nature Shrugs at Rising CO2 Emissions

Global warming alarmism received another boost after the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) announced that greenhouse gas emissions over the last year increased at the fastest pace in 30 years. BBC News journalist Matt McGrath reports, “[T]he globally averaged amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached 396 parts per million (ppm) in 2013, an increase of almost 3ppm over the previous year.” Additionally, “Atmospheric CO2 is now at 142% of the levels in 1750, before the start of the industrial revolution.” Imagine that: Higher fossil fuel levels coincide with a larger population, though Mother Nature just doesn’t seem to care all that much. Despite population stabilization proponents’ cataclysmic predictions, Earth is in the midst of an 18-year global warming hiatus despite the rising CO2 index, which we’ve been told is the culprit behind every climate- and weather-related issue. Plus, plants don’t seem to mind it, either. More…

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Patriot Post – Digest For Wednesday

My Opinion: But the ecofascists would stop us all from breathing if they could. And I just love the way they ignore actual Science to further their “Global Warming” agenda. Which is to regulate us back to the stone age. Someday, and I hope I’m still around, we’ll get off our complacent asses and push back.

You know, I almost hate to say it, but you don’t hear these eco-freaks getting away with their bullshit in Russia, China, or many other places. Maybe they’re on to something…


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