I Thought Flip-Flops Went On My Feet!

White House Flip-Flops: ‘We Are at War’ With ISIL


We are not at war with ISIL. We are at war with ISIL. Which is it? Apparently, whatever suits your fancy. Shortly after State Secretary John Kerry declared that America is not at war with the Islamic State, he conceded that we are. “[I]n terms of al-Qaida,” he said, “which we have used the word war with, yeah, we’re at war with al-Qaida and its affiliates. And in the same context, if you want to use it, yes, we’re at war with ISIL in that sense.” But Kerry thinks “it’s a waste of time to focus on that.” His colleagues were out singing varying strains of that tune, too. “The United States is at war with ISIL in the same way that we are at war with al-Qaida and its al-Qaida affiliates all around the globe,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on Friday. “Make no mistake; we know we are at war with ISIL,” added Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. National Security Advisor Susan Rice, on the other hand, said, “I don’t know whether you want to call it a war or a sustained counterterrorism campaign” because we won’t have “American combat forces on the ground fighting.” Whatever you call it, the administration is being clear about one thing: Barack Obama is nothing like George W. Bush. The incessant flip-flopping within this administration is absolutely appalling and reveals just how incoherent its foreign policy is.

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Patriot Post – Digest For Monday

My Opinion: Carpet-Bomb and let Allah sort them out. If we are truly “at war” then let’s stop dicking around and DO something. Damned near anything that kills the enemy would be acceptable. No. Anything that kills the enemy will be acceptable. Maybe if we be-headed a few GITMO “detainees” they’d start to think differently about it. Get caught, lose your head. What’s good for the goose…

Terror On The Border And Abroad
With all the beheadings going on, I was heartened to see over the weekend that Nancy Pelosi finally realizes there is a serious threat to the civilized world. “Civilization as we know it today would be in jeopardy,” Pelosi said, “if Republicans win the Senate.”
Whoops! Yes, that’s right. In the fevered brows of San Francisco liberals, the real danger to civilization is not the barbarians in ISIS but the barbarians in the GOP who might get 51 votes in the upper chamber of Congress.
Meanwhile, Border Patrol agents reportedly found a banner posted on the Mexican side of the border fence in the Yuma sector. It condemned U.S. support for Israel, called for a free Palestinian state and threatened terrorism. The banner was placed on the border fence on 9/11.
Border Patrol agents leaked this information to Breitbart.com because officials were trying to keep it secret from the American public. The Obama crowd always tries to keep secret any information that could wake up the American people.
While the Obama White House tries mightily to put together a coalition of nations willing to take on ISIS, few Americans have any confidence that Obama will succeed. According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, only 28% of Americans have “a great deal” or “quite a bit” of confidence in Obama’s ability to eliminate ISIS. More than two-thirds of Americans expressed “very little” or “just some” confidence in Obama’s ability to defeat the jihadists.

Gary Bauer – End Of Day

My Opinion: Obama couldn’t force his way out of a wet paper sack. How in the world does anyone expect the “Muslim-in-Chief” to really do anything against ISIS? Get this straight, folks: He Does Not Want To Stop Islam From Taking Over The World. Why else hasn’t he done anything about all the Christians being raped, tortured, and killed? Because he’s not a Christian and Christian’s are the enemy to him. Wake Up And Smell The Bullshit, People!


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