Clinton-ObamaCare-Democrats! Oh My! Please Help Us Mr. Wizard.

From The Patriot Post – Digest For Tuesday:

Clinton May Have Tampered With Benghazi Documents

My Opinion: Duh! Ya think! Willing to bet that she will claim to have known nothing about it. That her aides took it upon themselves to go through and sanitize those documents and she has absolutely no idea what those documents contained. And, really, what does it matter now?

ObamaCare Funding Goes Towards Abortions

My Opinion: Well, of course it does! You really think that just because most American’s are against abortion that the Government will actually stop paying for it? What color is the atmosphere in that dreamland you’re living in? While I really am against abortion, I can also respect a woman’s “rights” to (murder an innocent unborn child) have same. However, I don’t believe anyone, especially our Government, should be made to pay for it. That should come out of the interested parties personal funds.

Democrats Wage War on Women, Blame Republicans

My Opinion: Well, of course they do. The Democrats really think that most women are too stupid to read and research how things are and will continue to vote Democrat. Unfortunately, an awful lot of women prove them right. I still see no reason for the Government to be paying for birth control and think it ought to be up to the individual to procure their own birth control with their own funds. That way no woman can claim that anyone is out to deny them their preferred form of contraception.

Clinton Says Republicans Want Voters to ‘Check Your Brain at the Door’

My Opinion: Like Bill Clinton is the person to trust. Why is anyone still listening to him?

The Non-War Against ISIL and the Diversionary Fight Against Ebola

My Opinion: Yo, Obama. In this case “The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend” is NOT true. When it comes to Syria, “The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Still My Enemy” may be wisdom to live by. I’m calling you out as a Chicken Shit Muslim Bastard too afraid to stand up for America against your Islam buddies.

And sending troops to Africa to “fight” a virus to divert our attention is just stupid. Ok, send Medical Personnel, but what the HELL are ground troops going to do? So, NO, you can’t make us forget ISIL/S, Benghazi, or the half dozen impeachable “scandals” that your administration is responsible for.

William Murchison:

“Countries are like ball clubs or rock groups. They develop reputations: in the case of countries, a reputation for firmness in the face of challenge, or a reputation for climbing out of windows, ahead of the cops, to avoid unpleasantness; a reputation for promise-keeping, a reputation for reducing the firmest pledges to mere theories. Guess which reputation Americans see as operative presently in White House affairs.

My Opinion: America’s reputation is for shit since “The Great Leader” took office and did his “apology” tour. I traveled overseas when in the Navy, and damned near every country we visited the people respected the U.S. Most seemed to even like Americans. They knew that America would stand up for the “little guy,” help where we could, and give refuge when we couldn’t. But they also knew that we could/would kick some serious ass when we needed to. It’s just not that way anymore. Thanks, Libtards.


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