Obama The Apologist. Obama The Groveler. Obama The Muslim.

Obama’s U.N. Mea Culpa
President Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly today. With the war against ISIS dominating the headlines, Obama once again insisted that the Islamic State and all the other radical Islamic groups have nothing to do with Islam. He rejected the notion of a “clash of civilizations.” But it most certainly is.
I half expected the president to start singing Kumbaya or quoting Rodney King, who asked, “Can we all get along?”
Here was a telling moment: Obama appealed to other nations of the world to stop teaching hatred, saying, “No children — anywhere — should be educated to hate other people. …That means cutting off the funding that fuels this hate.” So, Mr. President, may we now assume that your administration will stop sending U.S. tax dollars to the Palestinian Authority? Sorry, I digress…
In closing his remarks, Obama said, “I realize that America’s critics will be quick to point out … that America has plenty of problems within our own borders. … I know the world also took notice of the small American city of Ferguson, Missouri — where a young man was killed, and a community was divided.”
Think about that, folks. Obama is speaking to a room full of world leaders, about a third of whom routinely deprive their people of civil liberties. They have no credible judicial systems. Some of them have engaged in genocide. Many of the Muslim countries represented there are among the world’s worst violators of religious liberty. A viable free press is unheard of in many of these nations.
Yet in a room full of such thugs and dictators, Barack Obama felt as if he had to apologize for America because of one confrontation between a teenager and a police officer, the facts of which we still do not know. For Obama the impulse is always cultural and moral relativism.
I don’t believe we have ever had an American president whose natural impulse is to grovel in front of the U.N. gang. It’s not hard to imagine that many of those in the room were unimpressed by Obama’s weakness.

My Opinion: Remember when we had a President with backbone & courage? Remember when the President was a confirmed American & stood up for America? Remember when the President loved America? What happened? How did a lily-livered Apologist Muslim get in office? Was having the first Black President that important? Thank You, Libtards. Obama is NOT a President even though he holds the office.

Defending Islam. . . As Christians Die
This morning we sent out a special request for prayer. As the day wore on, I found myself increasingly angry at the pitiful lack of leadership from the White House and the State Department, not to mention the thundering silence of so many American elites in Hollywood, business and the popular culture.
Three hundred thousand people marched in New York City over the weekend demanding greater government control over the economy in the name of climate change. CBS last night devoted a whole segment to the need to save the loon from global warming.
More directly to the point, virtually every day President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and CIA Director John Brennan use the power of their offices to tell the American people that the thousands of acts of evil being conducted in the name of Islam have nothing to do with Islam.
It is a rare day indeed when they mention the growing carnage of Christians or the oft-repeated promises of Islamists that a second Holocaust of Jews and Christians is coming.
During his U.N. address today, Obama went on at length about the “great tradition” of Islam. Has Obama ever extolled the virtues and great traditions of Judeo-Christian civilization before such an audience?
Perhaps Obama and Kerry think their praise of Islam is useful in suppressing jihadi recruitment. It doesn’t appear to be working. Obama and Kerry seem more interested in saving the reputation of Islam than they are in saving Christians and Jews from beheadings and mass murder.
Every one of you should find this motivation enough to get out and vote six weeks from now in order to get Obama’s allies out of the Senate!

Gary Bauer – End Of Day

My Opinion: To Obama and his “cronies,” if you ain’t Muslim, you ain’t shit. When are y’all gonna wake up to that? I hear no outrage from him or his Administration about Christians being massacred.  I guess we need a Facebook cause with #SaveChristians in order to get White House notice. And you don’t hear him complain about Muslims getting killed by other Muslims because, according to their religion, it’s perfectly okay to kill other versions of Muslims. Kind of like Baptists being able to kill Pentecost’s cause they believe slightly differently.


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