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Clapper Rebuts Obama’s ‘Underestimated’ Charge

Over the weekend, Barack Obama threw the intelligence community under the bus, saying Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and his agencies “underestimated what had been taking place in Syria.” It was unbecoming of the commander in chief to scapegoat intelligence for his own lies, distortions and ignorance. And Clapper agrees — sort of. He sent a memo to his staff Tuesday saying, “I’m proud of the [intelligence community’s] efforts over the past two years to monitor, assess and call attention to the expansion of ISIL, and I know the president has found that work to be critical to developing his strategy.” He was gracious toward his boss, asserting that Obama appreciates the intelligence community. (Obama appreciates them so much he skips 60% of their briefings.) But it’s clear Clapper wanted to send a message that the intelligence community hadn’t “underestimated” anything. More…

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Historian Victor Davis Hanson: “It is popular to think that America’s threats can be neutralized by occasional use of missiles, bombs and drones without much cost. But blowing apart a problem for a while is different than ending it for good. … Obama now promises to destroy the Islamic State in Syria, solely through air power. And he assures that he will safely pull nearly all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan at the end of the year. More likely, Syria will remain a dangerous mess like Libya, and Afghanistan will end up like Vietnam or Iraq. Victory on the ground and occupations can end a problem but are unpopular and costly. Bombing is easy, forgettable, and ends up mostly as a temporary Band-Aid. If we cannot or will not solve the problem on the ground, end an enemy power, and then reconstitute its government, then it is probably better to steer clear altogether than to blow up lots of people and things — and simply go home.”

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