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Patriot Post – Digest For Friday
Another Shooting in Ferguson … Again

… Ashley Yates, co-founder of Millennial Activists United (who was arrested in Ferguson), said the grand jury must indict Officer Darren Wilson, the policeman who shot Brown — or else. “If they can’t serve justice in this, the people have every right to go out and express their rage in a manner that is equal to what we have suffered.” And so, the rabble rousers continue to hold sway. More…

My Opinion: Convict Darren Wilson, or else? That is the mindset of Ferguson Black’s? Does it even matter if Darren Wilson was fully justified to shoot Brown? Has it been proven either way? The other question is: Who, other than maybe Brown (who, hopefully, died quickly) has suffered? Did one of the rioters not get to steal the TV he really wanted during his “protest?” Such suffering! Threats to continue looting and rioting if Wilson isn’t convicted is tantamount to circumnavigating the due process of the law. Mob mentality. Mob Justice. Why not just get together a Hanging Party?

The Left’s ‘Irrational Animus Against Christianity’

Damon Linker of The Week believes liberals have lost their way when it comes to tolerance, particularly of Christianity. He points to a couple prime examples, noting that they are but two among many. First, in a Slate article, Brian Palmer laments Christian missionary medical workers — because they’re Christian. Second, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges is threatening Gordon College’s accreditation over its Christian policies on sexual behavior — specifically, homosexual behavior. Linker concludes, “Contemporary liberals increasingly think and talk like a class of self-satisfied commissars enforcing a comprehensive, uniformly secular vision of the human good. The idea that someone, somewhere might devote her life to an alternative vision of the good — one that clashes in some respects with liberalism’s moral creed — is increasingly intolerable. That is a betrayal of what’s best in the liberal tradition.” He’s right. And that’s saying something, coming as it does from the author of “The Theocons: Secular America Under Siege.” More…

My Opinion: Libtards are not interested in being “fair” or promoting the honest exchange of ideas or beliefs. They are interested in ramming their beliefs down our collective throats. To them, no opinion or belief but theirs matters. When they don’t get their way, they cry to the Liberal Courts to uphold and enforce their beliefs. And we’ve let it work.

Federal Courts Strike Texas and Wisconsin Voter ID Laws

… Perhaps the voting laws are not at fault. Perhaps the government’s tougher standards of what they will accept as proper ID, such as the REAL ID standard, are burdening people from voting. Either way, Democrats will go to any means necessary to get their voters to the polls. More…

My Opinion: You know, if people are too stupid to get an ID, perhaps they’re too stupid to vote. Perfect Democrats though.

Columnist Jonah Goldberg: “[T]he White House has been caught covering up a scandal involving a Cartagena hooker. … Why did the White House go to such lengths to conceal the event? [White House official Jonathan] Dach broke no laws in Cartagena, the alleged tryst took place in a so-called ‘tolerance zone’ where prostitution is legal. Surely the White House isn’t against tolerance. … The underlying scandal is fairly minor. But if the White House would falsify records and lie to the public about this, is it really so hard to imagine that it would deceive the public — and Congress — about larger issues like, say, Benghazi? … The president loves to denounce a cynical system where politics comes before the public good. He rails about a system where fat cats live by a different set of rules than the little guy, and money buys special treatment and access. But the way he operates runs completely counter to all that. Which is why the only person to come out of this scandal in an honorable light is the Cartagena hooker.”

My Opinion: Other than the Obama Administration being caught in another lie, why are we so obsessed with what people do in their off time? I mean, really, a Secret Service Agent “hooking up” with a Hooker on his off time should be about as Newsworthy as running commentary on paint drying. Who Cares! Were they online when they were supposed to be? Was the President shot? No? Case closed. Next they’ll be court marshaling Soldiers & Sailors for “hooking up” while on liberty overseas. (Oh shit. I probably shouldn’t have said anything…)


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