I Blame Climate Change On Same Sex Marriage.

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The Left Suddenly Sees Same-Sex Marriage as a Constitutional Issue

Barack Obama evolved in his view of same-sex marriage. At first, he was mum on the issue. But then, to drum up the Left’s LGBT base in time for his re-election (and forced by Joe Biden’s premature comments on the subject), he declared he was in favor of the redefinition of marriage. Now he’s sailing with the winds of change and saying same-sex marriage is a constitutional issue that requires a Supreme Court ruling. Ryan T. Anderson at The Daily Signal writes, “This is a case study in how liberals ‘evolve’ on policy. First they embrace a policy change. If they can’t convince a majority of Americans to vote for their preferred policy, they discover that the Constitution requires their preferred policy. So, according to the Obama of today, the Obama of early 2012 held an unconstitutional view of marriage. Or, perhaps, it wasn’t unconstitutional back then but it is now.” Whatever happened to the liberal mind between 2012 and 2014, you can be sure it wasn’t a greater concern for the Constitution. They still use it as a political tool only when convenient.

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My Opinion: Well, of course they do! Any way possible to force their beliefs on everyone else. Isn’t the 88th Amendment: In order to form a more perfect union between man and man, women with women, Fathers with Daughters,  Mothers with Sons, Dogs & Cats…

Weather Channel Co-Founder Slams Climate Forum

Ecofascists Michael Mann and Brenda Ekwurzel will be drumming up more “climate change” rhetoric at a forum Thursday hosted by The Hammer Museum at UCLA, and organizers are making it clear the event is about promoting an agenda, not representing a balanced view. “Despite the overwhelming scientific consensus that global warming is a danger to the planet, little progress has been made to reduce CO2 emissions,” reads the opening sentence of the program advertisement. Meteorologist and Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman penned an open letter taking issue with the biased forum, writing: “[Y]ou have scheduled as your only speakers two people who continue to present the failed science as though it is the final and complete story on global warming/climate change. This is [a] major mistake. I urge you to re-examine your plan. It is important to have those who attend know that there is no climate crisis.” He continues, “I am not a wacko flat-Earther. Nor am I a ‘paid shill’ (as has been claimed) of the Koch Brothers. I am a serious professional.” These words will no doubt go in one ear and out the other, presenting another telling example of who constitutes the true climate “deniers.” More…

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My Opinion: “Climate Change” is NOT settled science. Those who claim it is, in either case, are trying to control your lives. It’s another form of war; instead of tanks and bombs they’ll take over through regulations and taxes.

If ObamaCare Is So Great, Why Aren’t Democrats Campaigning on It?


ObamaCare isn’t exactly Democrats’ favorite campaign theme this year, but then again, they’re having trouble coming up with even one reason to vote Democrat in the midterm election. Hence the tired tropes of how Republicans are racist, sexist, anti-gay discriminators who also hate puppies and rainbows. But just remember: Democrats are staying away from ObamaCare for good reason.

My Opinion: Y’all have got to remember that every Democrat voted FOR Obamacare. If you lost your coverage, your doctor, the health plan you liked, you can blame no one but the Democrat you voted into office.

Notice how Democrats, when unable to demonstrate anything good about voting for them, go off the deep end pointing out the “bad” things about their opponents so you won’t vote against them?

Instead of responding in kind, Republicans/Conservatives need to point out the good things they’ve done. Do not get into a shit slinging contest! It makes you seem petty and people will tune you out. Let the Democrats dig their own holes. Ignore what the Democrats say, point out what they do. Nicely. But, most importantly, come to a coconscious. The party needs (needs!) to figure out what the hell they stand for and let the rest of us know.


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