Republicans/Conservatives Won. Now What?

So, what happens now? Will the next 2 years be spent doing nothing but fighting Obama to get some (hopefully) good changes made to the mess that is America today? Will it be a case of SSDD with nothing being accomplished at all? Will the Senate/Congress continue to actually DO nothing? Will the GOP get their collective asses in gear, actually choose a direction to go, then go there?

One can only hope.

Some things will not change: The LGBT “Community” will continue to force their lifestyles upon us. The Atheists will continue to undermine Religion/God in our lives. People will still Riot For Race just because. Some people will still expect the Government to take care of all their needs. And our Military will still accommodate Muslims in their dress.

But, maybe, we can still get some good things accomplished.


In the meantime, it looks like I’m back to trolling the “News” for things to rant about here. Life could be worse, I suppose. At least now I probably don’t have to worry about dudes in sunglasses and large GMC Trucks showing up at my door in the middle of the night for talking about Obama.


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