Leave Our Internet Alone!

Patriot Post – Digest For Tuesday

Columnist Ed Feulner: “Ready to pay more for Internet access? Me neither. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what we can expect under the ‘net neutrality’ rules being pushed by President Obama. ‘Net neutrality’ may sound harmless, but there would be nothing neutral about this change. … In short, [broadband providers] can offer — and charge — what they want. That’s good for consumers, because it means that in order to compete, they’re always trying to win and keep customers by offering better, faster service at lower rates. … [N]et neutrality would mean more than a rate hike (which will naturally hit lower-income Americans the hardest). Coming under the FCC’s regulatory thumb would harm innovation and make broadband companies wary of investing in new ways to provide better, faster and cheaper service. … So let’s see: We’d pay more — for less. Sounds like a government plan, all right. Here’s a better idea: Leave ‘net neutrality’ junked on the shoulder of the information superhighway instead.”

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My Opinion: Liberals can bitch about it all they want, but, Capitalism led to that High Speed Internet they enjoy brow-beating us so much on. We get better speeds through competition between different providers. Sometimes it seems spendy; until you drop by your local library to look something up. Progress Costs. Get used to it. But you know what happens when the Government gets involved, right? Get used to it.


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