Over 90 Farts A Day For Global Warming.

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Updated Satellite Data Puts a Chill on Global Warming

More bad news for climate scaremongers. Remote Sensing Systems recordings, which more accurately reflect global temperatures, have perplexed many scientists ever since they revealed a global warming hiatus that’s now lasted for more than 18 years. In response, alarmists have trashed RSS findings in favor of NOAA’s complicated and flawed method. Three University of Alabama climatologists, Roy Spencer, John Christy and William Braswell, just concluded additional research on UAH Version 6, an alternative system used to study global temperatures. Not only did the new research cast further doubt on the claims of climate alarmists, but the adjustments revealed similar results to that of RSS. You can read more about why revisions are necessary and, notably, how these revisions are different than NOAA’s alleged tampering with historical data. To summarize, UAH’s newest finding is another inconvenient truth for envirofascists — which is exactly why they’ll ignore it.

My Opinion: It’s called Weather! It happens. And no matter what you think, the EcoFreaks are more for control over you than they are for taking care of the Earth. They lie, cheat, steal, and fudge the numbers to “prove” they’re right and need to control what you do. If the Earth was moving into another Ice Age, they’d blame it on us. If the Sun suddenly went dark it would, somehow, be our fault.

But, do you know the absolutely amazing thing about Humans? No matter what happens, where we move to, what the conditions are, we tend to adapt, overcome, and proliferate. We’re good at that. Especially if we aren’t under someone else’s control. Just look how early Humans moved from the nice, sunny, warm, environment in Africa to present day Human’s living in Michigan.

And, you Scientists: If you have to fudge your numbers, there must be something wrong with your methods of deduction. True Scientists look for the facts and don’t need to make them up to fit their expectations. Hell, even I, a retired Navy Corpsman Shit-Kicker with an 11th grade education (officially), can fudge numbers enough to show we’re actually going into a period of global cooling to rival any that has come before. Doesn’t make me a Scientist. Nor “Right” no matter how many people convert to my predictions.


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