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Old Mail 2011 – German View of Islam

         This is by far the best explanation of the Muslim terrorist situation I have ever read. His references to past history are accurate and clear. Not long, easy to understand, and well worth the read. The author of this … Continue reading

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We Just Can’t Seem to Pinpoint the Problem

The Shoe Bomber was a MuslimThe Beltway Snipers were MuslimsThe Fort Hood Shooter was a MuslimThe Underwear Bomber was a MuslimThe U.S.S. Cole Bombers were MuslimsThe Madrid Train Bombers were MuslimsThe Bali Nightclub Bombers were MuslimsThe London Subway Bombers were … Continue reading

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Leave It To The Germans!

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We Could Learn Something From Canada

MAYOR REFUSES TO REMOVE PORK FROM SCHOOL CANTEEN MENU… EXPLAINS WHY Muslim parents demanded the abolition of pork in all the school canteensof a Montreal suburb. The mayor of the Montreal suburb of Dorval, has refused, and the townclerk sent … Continue reading

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I Still Think Obama Will Fabricate A National Emergency To Suspend Elections And Stay In Office. But Let Us Look At Hillary …

Many people who may vote in the Democrat primary election, if there is one, and the general election in 2016, have no real knowledge of Mrs. Clinton or her accomplishments.  As a public service, I thought I would provide some … Continue reading

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