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I Been Saying It All Along!

If real: Facebook is taking this photo down left and right. Make it go viral! This POS should never have been POTUS in the first place.

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I Had To Pass This On!

I stole the following from conservativecathy444 on Tumblr. If s/he takes issue with my blatant thievery, I’ll take this down. But, what is said here needs to be spread around. Often. I could wish I were as eloquent. I have … Continue reading

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I Still Think Obama Will Fabricate A National Emergency To Suspend Elections And Stay In Office. But Let Us Look At Hillary …

Many people who may vote in the Democrat primary election, if there is one, and the general election in 2016, have no real knowledge of Mrs. Clinton or her accomplishments.  As a public service, I thought I would provide some … Continue reading

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Our Tax Payments Are Like A Movie: Gone With The Wind. Ransom. To Have And To Have Not.


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Remember: A Vote For Hillary Is A Wasted Vote!

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